Locals — We Need You!!

openArts & Eats Restaurant and Gallery has been in business for almost 2 years!  We've been #1 on Trip Advisor for Bradenton for a year now and were just recognized by Gov.Scott as one of 28 restaurants inFlorida to receive no safety or sanitation citations over the past year. We're very proud of our place and the experience that people have here. We love Manatee County and this part of Florida, but this is a seasonal business. In this, is our second off-season business has dropped by about 30%. For small businesses, that has a large impact.  And it's not just us.  All local independent small businesses count on local residents for support during the off-season. We can employ more people, improve our property, and contribute more in sales tax when we our businesses are thriving.  Small businesses offer a unique retail and dining experience that can't be replicated in a chain or department store. We get to know you by name and treat you like family. There's no manager telling us which products, foods, or beveragesto promote and sell.  We sell what people want and love. With about 300,000 people living in Manatee county during the season, and 170,000 during off-season, this translates to about 50% more potential customers during the season. So, LOCALS -- WE NEED YOU NOW!  Come out and support local businesses. Arts & Eats is offering a $25. 3 course Summer Menu that includes a free glass of wine and a basket of our homemade breads.  Other small businesses are offering similar off-season deals. We have an Open Mic on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm, and live music Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.   We're unique, excellent, and passionate, and we want to know our neighbors.  So, come out and support the businesses in your own backyard.   We can't wait to see you!!!!